You may be aware that in an attempt to scoop the Christmas number one from this year’s X-factor winner, John Cage’s silent symphony is being released. It is basically 4’33” of ambient noise, encouraging to listen to our surroundings as music.

I just listened to it and it is a strangely calming experience.

Today has been a little hectic with the snow you see. (Snow? What snow?) As I am typing this, my poor sister is trying to get back to London after having spend 5 hours on a coach to the airport, 2 in a queue to rebook ticket as her flight was cancelled, then 1 hour in the queue to get a trainticket back. Last time we had contact she was on a train and well…I just hope she gets here now.

Snow disrupts London, if ol’ Al Q could invent a snow machine, they’d be laughing. Surely it must be possible to deal with this, as this is roughly the third winter (and very probably not the last!) they have been dealing with severe weather around this time of year.

The hectic day of travelling; trodding through slush, trying to make it from A to B to meet with friends who also got stuck but luckily had a hotel room, was so much different from my day yesterday. It really deserves its own entry so for now it suffices to say that it was a lot more fun and a lot less faff! Which is obviously nothing in comparison to standing in a queue for hours and after 12 hours of travelling to end up at the same point where we started!

(Flashforward an hour or so)

As I was typing this, to my relief, my sister arrived at the flat. I had visions of her being stranded between A and B somewhere in the slushy dirty snow.The queues where really long apparently and people didn’t even know what they were queuing for! There was a rumour of a Magic Desk, but my sister never saw this phenomenon as  the HQ in the Netherlands managed to book her on a flight on Tuesday.

Camaraderie during these times are a necessity and my sister described kind people helping her with her bag and people taking turns to look after bags whilst the owners go on a food/ toilet break. (A lady quipped that at least the flight queues put the toilet queues in perspective. For once!) Though there is obviously a person ignoring a struggling fellow-man for every helpful soul, it is nice to know that we aren’t all just stuck in our own bubble – not even in a city notorious for grumpiness.

I am glad she has returned and I hope that all the people travelling have safe journeys home. x

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