Winter companions

Anno 2010 it is really hard to be away from the rest of the world: no internet connection, no phone calls, nothing. In the past three days I have tried to resist checking my phone (only one text message to see if my sister was flying out to Belfast for NYE to wish her a safe flight but she decided against it in the end.) and borrow people’s laptop/ IPhones/smartphones to check emails. How different to the times we first went on a break: all we took was a DVD player and we had three mobile phones between us. If that.

There really was no need for cyber communication: I was in good company already. The annual holiday with my old school friends was perfectly unstressful this time. Once again an elaborate game was devised but it seems that eleven years of experience pays off. The only thing that was a little off was the timing of the evening segment of the game: often we were enjoying faffing about so much in the afternoon, we started a little late in the evening. So mostly our days ran from 12pm to 5am…

It was a little tiring and it would have been nice if the showers were a little less temperamental but in good company all is easy. When we weren’t playing the elaborate game, we were eating, watching a film projected on the wall, reading magazines on the sofas or playing cards. The latter is something the guys already did during secondary school, fantasizing what it would be like in 60 years time when they would all be together in one retirement home, just playing cards all day… I  used to imagine them sitting there: old men round a table. The girls, women by then just reading, drinking tea and having a gossip. I always knew it wasn’t my dream at all but I’d imagine that my friends would be very happy.

One day soon, we will be too old to make one massive bed out of mattresses on the floor and sleep together in one room. One day soon, we might not all be able to make it because of work or move or… One day soon, we won’t be able to drink to 5 in the morning, brush our teeth, go to bed and get up for brunch and do it all again. One day soon, people might not have the time or energy to invest in elaborate games anymore. One day soon, those who are still single might find their partners who live half-way across the world/ who don’t like weekends away with us/ who don’t get it. One day soon, strollers and babies prevent us from going on day-long hikes and no routine. One day soon, it will all be different and that will be ok.

For the first time I realised that even if I won’t be making the tea in the communal kitchen in 60 years time: at the very least I will be in one of the pictures in the common room and quite frankly, that is good enough for me.


PS: Talking about change: what a difference a year makes! I’m away for three days and I missed the news that Reese W got engaged to her man Jim Toth. Congratulations! Very happy for you both 🙂

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