It is the first day of the year and according to the stars it is the beginning of the end of my wandering through the desert. Just in case star power isn’t enough, I have decided to make a few plans myself to help things along a little. All will be revealed in time I am sure…

Let me be fair: being ‘in between jobs’, without a home and also very single, it is easy to see some scope for improvement in the new year… However, someone said that chaos created life and I have high hopes for the next twelve months.

Apart from a new lay-out, a couple of new things for this blog as I have decided to structure it a little more:

1. Blog entries will not be longer than 500 words. Unscientific research has shown long entries aren’t enjoyed that much by the readers.

2. One blog a week will be about a film or a play, just because I like them! This will give me an excuse to watch either at least once a week.

3. Projects: I would like to submit a play by the end of February and I have about 20 pages of 40ish. Obviously, I have come to the crucial point where I am about to abandon the project because I think it is cr*p. Resisting the delete button this time, I will keep you updated on how it is going. Then I will start a new project, und so weiter… It will hopefully keep me motivated in projects for 2011.

There we go, barely 300 words for this first entry: it will have to do. I have roughly 48 hours left with my parents and my sister before returning to the realities of London-life and I am intending to enjoy it.

Bring on 2011!

3 thoughts on “2011

  1. PS, If you ever want to re-think the nun thing (yes, I did investigate all of the links at the top of the page!), then I can put in a good word in some of the right places…

    1. Haha, I will let you know. If nothing occurs on the relationship front come December 2011 I might have to take you up on that… At least then Jesus will love me.

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