Lucky Coin

After my blog a couple of days ago I have to share my morning with you. This morning we got a knock on the door from my sister’s flatmate who is originally from Greece. She had two friends over and had taken back a King’s Cake with her. Somewhere in the cake there is a coin hidden: who gets the coin gets lucky in the new year.

Now it turns out there are quite a few  politics around this cutting of the cake. First you need to count all the people who need to get a share. One flatmate was out with her boyfriend and the other flatmate was still in his room with his girlfriend (“Should we knock on his door?” “NO!”) but they all got included.

Then you need to divide the cake by putting lines in it, but you are not supposed to cut through it (just in case you hit the coin) before you named all the pieces. Not Tom, Dick  and Harry but you have to draw outlines of the pieces so to speak and tell people which piece they are getting.  (Meanwhile  you argue with people about the size of the pieces, the bigger the piece the bigger the chance for a coin.)

THEN you cut the cake. Because if you don’t allocate the pieces beforehand and the coin is in the piece for the people who aren’t around (if you can see it); you can not fairly decide who to give that piece to if it hasn’t already got someone’s name on it.

Obviously the coin was in the piece of the guy who was still in bed. Obviously because in Greek there is apparently a saying that luck works best for you when you are asleep… However, it was debatable whether the man was still asleep, as one of the other flatmates commented: ” It is not fair, he’s already got lucky…”

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