The Run 0.5 (The Pre-quel)

As many an amateur runner I haven’t run since accomplishing the half-marathon goal in October. First it was because I had injured my foot, then I was abroad (everyone knows you cannot run when you are abroad – don’t be silly.), then I was moving house, then it was Christmas and then I ran out of excuses.

There is obviously no real need to run, there is no law (apart from gravity…) that says one should run.  Facts are that I do feel better after I exercise – however much in denial I am about this and that my quick metabolism makes me very lazy.  Now whether it is having the comparison of the speedy metabolism through exercise or whether -whisper it- it is being on the other side of 25, things have just not been the same since November.

Thus today I decided to go on a recce to find a route. For me, the perfect route is about 3miles/ 5k, it will take you under an hour to run and if you feel ambitious 10K is easily done. Initially I had found one  that would take me through the streets of NW3 and passing a lot of houses and shops – not ideal because you keep dodging prams and old ladies…

Then someone mentioned how close we are to Regents Park (that is 1k done…) So I went for a walk today on expedition so to speak to find myself the best route to run. Again, you want to try to avoid the dogs, prams and old ladies but you also don’t want to just run the ‘outer circle’ because then you aren’t actually in the park, just on the outskirts… and what’s the point? It’s boring.

Whilst walking my new route, I was actually getting excited about the prospect of running.  Mostly because I saw fellow-runners of all abilities which took away the fear. (My eternal fear that I get stared at by others who think: who is that weird girl and why is she running?!) I was impressed with myself,  this might actually happen. I might actually start running again. Tomorrow will be the day! Woop!

Then I realised that we have no hot water tomorrow between 9am and 5pm – see the potential for a disastrous shower after run.

Ah well.

Wednesday then.

Wednesday will be the day!

I think.

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