Running on two left feet

So I got the dates wrong.

After reading my blog, my sister pointed out that today is in fact the 18th, not the 19th when we won’t have any hot water…

It was a gorgeous day, my sister was up for a walk and suddenly it happened: I returned to running practically painlessly. Managed a good time as well, I was going to meet my sister in the cafe after an hour (ok, so I was being dramatic – what’s new), but had to take her keys so I could return for a shower as she had just sat down with coffee and cake.

I’m home and I’m feeling pretty good. Hmm this mens sana in corpore sano might actually have something going for it.

I realise I am being a complete geek about this short stretch of running that I do, so let me explain: it’s because I am athletically challenged and with challenged I mean crap. The only people who ran slower than me at school were the ones with asthma. I mean: they actually had a physical reason to be crap. I just was.

Ball sports were even worse as I have no hand-eye co-ordination and on top of that you have to play most ball games in teams. Oh dear. Now I am lucky that I have no real ‘picked last for the team’ issues because we had a crier in our year. No one wants to have the crier, this person starts crying even before it joins the team, probably from being picked last, but in any case not that great for moral.

What else was there? Ah dance. No rhythm. I can just about free-flow but as soon

This was called "Two left feet" by Fruit by the random - they are not but I still thought it was cute

as I need to count beats or steps I am lost… and I did ballet for 12 years. Yeah. The miracles of small town life. Ballet scarred me in the way that I will never ever join any happy- clappy aerobics or zumba class: moving in a group just terrifies me. (That and I hate people shouting at me about ‘feeling the burn to get fit’, I mean: Shut.Up.)

It’s a shame I cannot dance because most of my friends can ballroom dance to some degree (Again, wonders of small town life.) The reasoning behind it put me off at the time (” It means that you can dance at weddings and stuff.”) but since we’ve come to the marriable age, it seems to make sense. They have nearly 10 years ahead of me now though, so why bother.

Ooh another thing that I was ok at just crossed my mind: wall-climbing.  I will give you a minute to stop laughing….

So wall-climbing, because you see: it is not so much strength that helps you climb. Climbing is more about moving your whole body and let’s be honest here: thinking about your next move before moving up, is something that I can do.

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