Sweet Dreams

Trip down memory lane… Don’t ask me why I got to think of this tonight: about ten years ago during very dramatic and confusing nights (and no, tonight was not one of those; quite the opposite, perhaps that is why…) I would lie on the living room floor listening to songs. I am sure I don’t have to explain or apologise for my terrible taste in music any longer, we have covered that ground and what can I say: I was a late 90s kid, we got screwed.

As the hours ticked by and life just seemed too overwhelming, I would just lie there and listen. Putting on terrible song after terrible song. Sometimes the terrible songs would evolve into other songs: CD’s would be replaced with LP’s. Classic songs, gospel songs – it’s funny what happens in the still of the night when it’s just you…

As this blog is not therapy I won’t bother you with the details, but this is a sweet version of one of the songs  to wish you a good night:

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