The A-Ha erlebnis:


Aha-Erlebnis n (genitiveAha-Erlebnissesplural Aha-Erlebnisse)

  1. (literally) an “ahaexperience“. An experience which gives a sudden insightsolution or answer to a problem that has troubled someone for some time.

(Apologies for the Wiktionary source,  even dictionary.com did not bring the word up.)

My lovely friend B sent me a really nice message with advice from a playwright she had met and passed it on to me.  Reading the words of encouragement, I realised that when it comes to writing I:

a) don’t really consider giving it up.

b) don’t worry about getting paid for it.

Let’s go a little Freud on this…

Point A . I just write a lot and always have. I mean I still  seem to have this need to write here, even though my brain is in actual pain trying to piece the Other Project together. (Hopefully  more on that on a later date.) But if I did not write experiences down here, I might well do this in a notebook by my bedside. (Ok, on the floor next to my airbed – you know what I mean.)  And maybe I do. I just don’t want to come across as that sad.

Point B. That surprised me. It really did. I usually worry about how to make money you see. I’m sure I still will as soon as… well the Other Other Thing that I will write about soon, has been and gone. For now though, life is pretty much chosen poverty and I can still eat so I’m not complaining. (What was that thing a very insightful someone once said: a non-working non-starving actress? Point made.)

Suddenly I understood what people meant with ” finding a way to get paid for something you love doing so that every paycheck is a bonus.” Between understanding a sentence and feeling a situation is a world of difference.

Step one is done: I have definitely found the thing I love.

Step two is just life in progress.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “A-Ha

  1. Your blog is looking awesome. You have writing skills. I bring in $10-$50 each blog post I author. It is a great way to make extra money in the current economy. The company I author for has a ton of openings if you enjoy writing as much as me.

    Bloggers Wanted

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