When merino turns to felt…

Make lemonade…

The first time around it was an accident, I put my merino cardigan in the wash and it came out fine. So I kept washing it in the washing machine as one does. Then I moved house. My cardigan shrank, but according to sources it was because I used the wrong program. Sources were wrong: second cardigan shrank today – argh! My own friggin’ fault of course, I guess handwash does mean handwash, annoying nevertheless.

Maybe this is an opportunity to change styles. Let’s pretend I had all the money in the world and did not manage to just miss the sales. By two days. Because that doesn’t annoy me. At all.

What would my wardrobe look like?

Usually I go by WWAD: What Would Audrey Do? You cannot really go wrong with that. Hence the cardigans. I have also gone through many ballerinas and I am short. So perhaps it is time to look outside the box a bit, which is why Reese is not included. Outside. Of. Box. ( Also considered Nicole Richie for a moment: too much accessories. Will not happen.)

It took me two hours to write this, anger has subsided but this was a difficult exercise, I fear that style icon I’ll never be!

Maybe it is because she flirted with the harajuku style, but Gwen Stefani also makes casual look cool
Michelle Williams, after the Creek
Drew Barrymore, yes cardigan but let's overlook that for now.
Penelope Cruz, casual chic.

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