Random Thursday Thoughts

On the internet today:

Victoria Secret Models show the love  (and some skin!) for Valentine’s Day.

See how showing skin is put between brackets, with exclamation mark to entice the audience to have a peek….  Hello?! They are underwear models! It’s their job to show some skin! Plus you won’t find them topless because they all sell bras!

Another thing I discovered today was a label for a shampoo bottle that had raspberry and silk extracts. The raspberry was depicted by a dark pink (you know… raspberry pink) fruit and then there was a coral coloured squirt of toothpaste which I guess would have to symbolise silk. I get that even a cute cartoon of the below, probably wouldn’t make it past the test-audience…

The Silk worm

Then this Thursday it’s my friend Rachel G’s birthday ( Hooray! Shout out!) and it is Chinese New Year. So long Tiger, hello Baby Bunny.pic by fanpop

This year should bring tranquility and peace. It’s time to catch your breath and work on things slowly. The idea behind this is that bunnies are milder tempered than the dramatic fighting Tiger. It’s a year to focus on home and relationships. So good luck for all you singles out there, this year might well be the year. Note: wonder why there are so many pregnant celebs out there? Rabbits. That’s all I have to say… Safe sex kids.

Or not and use this calm time to prepare for a little one next year in the year of the Almighty Dragon!

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