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A couple of days ago a friend approached me for advice: she wanted to start writing a blog but wasn’t sure she should as she feared she was not a writer… As far as I’m concerned once you start writing, you are a writer.  The writing might still be unqualified but it is written by you, thus you are the writer.

In the About-tab of this blog, I ramble something about ” it being a public Post-It to myself.”  about dreams and validation yadayada…  Sounds ambitious right? The problem with my ambitions is not dissimilar to this blog: potential…but unfocussed.

When I first started writing I confused the tag-words with the categories and somehow ended up with 99 categories. So I spent the last two days clearing up categories and refiling my posts.  I’ve established that my writing can be divided in four categories:

1.Me, Myself and Others 2.Theatre, Films, Books and All that Jazz 3. To Adventure ( travel and the things that happen to you.) 4. Ups and Downs of Write and Wrong (about writing and little struggles to get there…Pursue the dream! Pass the bucket!)

By restructuring I’m hoping the metaphor will push through in real life. There are times that I wonder why on earth I don’t dream about becoming a teacher, an account-manager (do people dream about that?), a vet…

I don’t know if I’ll be the one in a million whose dream comes true, but what else can a girl do but try? If…When I do get there, I will probably say I’ve been lucky and that I enjoyed every minute of the ride.The latter will be a lie, all will have been twists and turns, ups and downs like for anyone else who is pursuing a seemingly impossible dream.

I am not super-human, no better or worse than anyone else who just dreams their dream or has none.  I am as scared about the choices I make in my life as anyone else, I worry about having fucked up/being in the process of fucking up my life a couple of times a week. (I’m trying to kick the daily habit.) I worry about being useless to society and deluding myself into having qualities I don’t possess.

Still, hey ho here we are: first through circumstance, then through choice. Fear is fleeting and disappears once you face it and well,  gut feeling doesn’t lie. So I this is what I wrote my friend: Ditch the fear and do it!

PS: Will write about the Other Thing real soon!

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