NY State of Mind aka The Other Other Thing

Only four days ago I said next week… Truth is that I am about to burst with excitement as this is something I have been planning since September. ( So some of you might already know about this, as I have made enquiries and made whispered confessions.)

Since I make the silly rules on this blog I have decided that this Friday ( my dad’s birthday: happy birthday papa!)  is an excellent time to let you know about my Other Other Thing:

In two weeks I will be on a plane flying from the Big Smoke into the Big Apple. For two months New York will be my new home, while I attend classes in screenwriting. Why? There is a long story that might unravel over the next two months. For now: Because I can.

It is the reason I have been sleeping on my sister’s floor ( Thank You!) and why it’s been hard for me to roll back into a job. I knew I was leaving and though I do believe in ‘information on a need to know’- basis, muggins here hates to lie, even if it is to get a job.  I believe it’s bad karma. When you are taking a bit of a gamble and hoping for the best, you cannot use bad karma – you need the world to work with you.

There is a bit to do still before I go (Where did I leave that list?) and now the nerves are mixing with the excitement. ( Hmmm, I don’t actually know anyone… Who will I hang out with for two months… What if they don’t like me… or more importantly: What if I don’t like them!)

Then there is the obvious: Why? What on earth can come of this? This is not a course with a guaranteed for life job at the end of it.  Is it madness to go on a whim in the times of economic crisis?  Judge me if you must but don’t worry: I can assure you, I’ve done all the worrying for you.

Fact is, in two weeks I’ll be writing to you from another metropolis on a wing and a prayer, and yet to bend a quote: even if it ain’t all it seems, with that infamous pocket full of dreams. For me, for now, that’s enough.

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