I need a problem…

and not even like a hole in the head. Sura is back in town and we’ve been trying to

Thanks to Ryland Sanders @ redkid.net

develop our characters for Pilot X.  As I explained before, even though we are working on a pilot, you want to give them enough issues to have some potential growth in the next episodes.


Issues, wooden legs and eye-patches give a character, well, character. It makes them more interesting or more relatable ( is that even a word? I think I made that up.) What I mean is that you even in a comedy you don’t want just two-dimensional characters. ( Which is evidently hard in a pilot as you need to introduce everyone by exaggerating their personality: watch the very first episode of Friends and it will seem very weird. What on earth is Phoebe all about?)

Now, we have one character in our script who is becoming a problem for lacking a problem…Damn! And we made her up ourselves as well. Even worse, no one else to blame. In our desperation last Saturday we even sighed that we might have to kill her off… but we can’t.

She is our ‘magic character’, the one who has a lot of skills, which she gains and then loses interest, so she is capable of anything ( so whatever sticky situation we find ourselves in, she can get us out without it looking ridiculous.)

The problem is she that she loses interests so quickly that we don’t have time to develop that. Maybe that is her problem, her looking for something else even though she is not really ambitious, she kind of rolls into things ( it’s a comedy remember…) This is what makes her likable despite her being super.

Perhaps we need to go completely artificial and implant something on her. We considered diseases ( Sura was for, I was against: too dramatic) we considered her going into politics (because of her apathy haha)  etc etc.

Frustration all around: all the other characters are going from A to B over 10 episodes. Why can’t she just skip along as well…

I had hope that by typing this I might have an eureka moment. Alas, this has not happened. So back to the drawing board to think of a problem to give us a solution.

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