Time is ticking away until that plane to New York… So I’m sure you’re all very relieved to know I have now actually made a list. (I know I know, to all of you who I told I had made list: I lied. Sorry.)

The actual list didn’t happen until this morning and already I felt more organised. Almost that organised I felt I had done enough, which obviously defied the point. So I managed to priorities the tasks ( I don’t lie on my CV – honest!) and I’m now left with only two things that are urgent. Ok, three. Three things that are urgent and the rest can calmly happen in the next two weeks. One of them is a haircut which could potentially be moved to the urgent list.

Then there are things like finding stuff ( adaptor, camera) print out stuff ( to be done nearer the date, because I will just lose them.) and buying stuff.

I understand they have shops in the US but buying stuff is one of the fun things on the list. ( Which already has a lot of not-so-fun things.)  Especially because it involves looking for stationery: I Love Stationery.

In secondary school the school year started with buying new stationery, everything that you used the year before got wrecked and you know, you wanted to have everything coordinated with your new diary anyway. Right? Right. This evolved from pop stars ( Oh I remember Peter Andre on a 1997 diary, six-pack and all…) to mono-coloured serious notebooks because world-weary you were really getting too old for this shit.

My current state of stationery is a sad affair. I have a lovely notebook set with cupcakes on the front ( yes yes, it shows where my head is at.) which I have almost used all of them and they are A6-size so not the best size for lots of writing that needs to be reviewed perhaps. Then I have two pens which I once borrowed from my former flatmate and that have her workplace’s name and logo on it… Then I have a couple of sticky notes and pair of scissors. This will not do.

What to buy? More importantly, where to buy? I popped into Smiths but was quite uninspired. See my sister has unfortunately set the standard by giving me a laptop case that looks a bit like this:

by Pat Says Now

In fact, it looks exactly like that.  What to do? I cannot possibly  mix this with a Justin Bieber pencil case…It just doesn’t colour coordinate.

pic by Ebay

Still there is always a solution somewhere Paperchase if I feel like animated cupcakes on my folders, Muji for minimalism-tastic or Rymans for the bulk and basic stuff. I know, I shouldn’t forget that I will have to carry all this paper weight with me but I am excited! Oh the possibilities are endless…

crayons by Muji - completely useless of course but pretty; Paperchase's pencil-case I mean: food with faces; Rymans boring black book but 192 pages 192!


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