Keen bean

The day started confusing with the delivery man waking me up and me in my sleepy state not yet quite capable of working out our front door.

It developed into quite an interesting day as I decided to make a trip to Piccadilly Place and visited the massive Waterstones there. As I am now officially ten days away from my screenwriting, I thought I might as well pick up a book on the topic. As I already own the late Blake Snyder’s theory book, I chose a book by Syd Field. A man who according to Google is “Hollywood’s screenwriting authority.”  Now, I am always a little sceptic about those kind of accolades but I had heard of the man, so thought to check out his writing.

The book titled The Definitive Guide to Screenwriting ( No one got anywhere without conviction my friends –  though after having had a look on the website this is only available in the UK )  is an interesting and a surprisingly easy read. To be fair, I have only read the first 100 pages or so of the 380 but hey, I can keep up and understand it. Surely that is a good thing.

Of course it sent me in a panic at first: all these ideas, the elements to a screenplay were  completely overwhelming. I started to doubt my concept that I intended to work on during the course. This is obviously ridiculous: if it was such a shit concept I still have ten days to change it. Having discussed it with my very cool sister, she convinced me that it isn’t necessarily shit and that I should write what I believe in. What is the point in trying to make something formulaic and fit a mould? There’s none. So with renewed vigour I decided to make a little bit of a head start on what I shall be devoting two months of my life to soon.

I say head start, but perhaps I should already have done this before.  Cue the fear that makes up my life at the moment: that everyone will know everything already, have amazing ideas and that I will just freeze, stumble and fail. Full stop. This will not happen. I know. It doesn’t help.

by a Yes really

Let’s not dwell on it. For now, it’s me, Robert Zimmerman, the book, my new stationery and  a fresh notebook.  It’s Friday night, I am so not rock ‘n’ roll but I don’t care. I feel incredibly geeky and very excited as my brain has a moment of muscle memory: Ah yes, this what it felt like to feel creative, inspired and a little passionate!

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