The Eagle has landed

Disclaimer: as I am writing this to fight off the sleep I would hereby like to apologise for all the nonsense that might come out. Already.

Firstly I would like to thank you all for your lovely message of support and your interest in my travels.  My top three of advice by you guys looks something like this:

1. Have fun and enjoy the course.

2. Eat loads of food and make photographs. ( still in debate whether pictures  in general or pictures of food are meant.)

3. Don’t marry a Yank. ( speaks for itself.)

To give you some indication of how unprepared I was, the residence that I was dreading is actually ok. It’s located ten minutes from Central Park ( what the taxi driver tried to point out to me for extra “Mr Guide”-points; unfortunately his ability of English, a plastic screen and my jet-lag made the conversation a lot longer than it needed to be.)

My room has a fridge ( after 3 months of sharing half shelf this is a bit amazing.) a sink, a desk and a bed. Also a bit amazing,  having slept in my sister’s room on an airbed, I haven’t slept in an actual bed for about two months.

Apparently there is a common room, a kitchen and a laundrette somewhere – tonight is not the night they will be found. Some weirdo already knocked on my door, I guess he got the room wrong: the doors do all look the same. Apart from the numbers by them obviously.

I got a sympathetic nod from the doorman as I struggled with my suitcase, the door and then my name. There are shops about five minutes away from the place and I am running low on water but I just cannot move again tonight.

The rest of my 2 hours will be filled by reading the guidebook to see what’s around and to see what I can do with a Sunday morning before I meet a friend of a friend for (no doubt more) coffee.

Excited is not the right word for now, but content and calm is something I settle for. So day one and tonight this sleepy lady signs off from the city that doesn’t sleep.

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