Roll on Enrolment

Survived day one! Managed to find my way to school and bought a coffee with the card the lovely Cat gave me in London!

Got to there early, obviously, registered with all the international students which took all about 15 min before getting kicked out and told to come back in a couple of hours for international orientation.

I ended up hanging out with a baby-faced guy from Venezuela and a lovely Brazilian princess. The guy might have regretted his choice of company as we were both not into music and both had graduated over two years ago. But we bravely soldiered on through the niceties and luckily the sun was out so we spent some time on the Union Square benches.

International Orientation basically meant: Don’t make a move until you check with the International Office. Don’t go abroad ( Canada/ Mexico) without a signature, don’t plead guilty without an immigration attorney, don’t jump of rooftops high as a kite before you’ve checked with the international office how this is going to affect your immigration status or health insurance.

Then we moved on to the regular orientation: screenwriting, filmmaking and screen acting were all put in one room. We all had to introduce ourselves. Nobody paid attention. So we all had to do this again when it was just us screenwriters.

It’s a medium-sized group that is then split in two groups for most of the course, though you have some ‘screenwriting labs’ together. Sounds good? Well it basically means you can use the screenwriting room or sit in Starbucks. Uh-oh… Especially because we aren’t based at the cool Union Square but even cooler Soho with more shops. Leave the credit cards at home ladies.

We have a few more girls than guys I think, which is good because we are the future after all. Americans/ International: Internationals win hands down. Not a lot of Americans, still I distinctively remember one. An older guy, who served in ‘Nam. Yeah. He’s exactly as he sounds. He is also in my group. Sigh.

Can’t win them all I guess, Brazilian princess and Baby face are also in my group – which is cool. Not too surprising, the Londoners were the first people to suggest a drink and we ended up in a bar sharing our first pitchers of beer together. Note: all internationals, no Americans that joined. Hmm can we see a pattern developing already?

Let’s remember that beer is calorific, but managed to stick to my two drink rule (ok, two and a half but as they said, it was Bud so it doesn’t really count.) and I have found a lovely Mexican lady who lives in the room opposite me and we went home together on the subway together. There, security checked us but also introduced themselves for the first time, so Ray and Jeffrey are here to help us in times of need. Grand.

That was my day really: got an evening class tomorrow, normal classes for the rest and a Saturday morning class this week and the week after next.

So here we are: I made it to school, I met people, I had a beer with them and I managed to get home safely.  Day one: Tick!

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