Mini adventure!

So here I am, after my first lecture about the elements of narrative by a guy who clearly wanted to establish boundaries in his first class: ” You can fight me but you’d be fighting Aristotle. You’d be wrong.” Ok, a little bee in bonnet… but he’s seems nice enough and he can laugh at himself. Very important and made me less cynical about him.

I’m writing this during what is supposed to be the ” Writing Lab.”  The actual physical lab is a dinghy room without any distractions; the conceptual lab is us students writing for three hours. Anywhere and attendance optional.  As we have no assignments as yet, group A has gone home. Presumably to write the preliminary out-lines of their fantastic screenplays. Or possibly to roam the city, only to last-minute panic about it next week, no doubt.

Why am I telling you this and not roaming the city with fellow A’s?  Two reasons: Firstly I’m meeting up with a friend of a friend later on today and I wanted to drop my stuff off now I had the chance.

Secondly, the people I like hanging out with were either in group B who have class in the afternoon or trying to find a place to have lunch with group B which resulted in undecided lingering outside a cafe because the group was too big to go in.

Had I in a previous life happily lingered with them, it now just told me to go home drop the heavy stuff; repack and go old-school with an actual paper notebook and  pen and find a place to write. Preferably with coffee.

This is a little hard, because I like hanging out with people. Especially when you just get to know a group: everybody is in the same boat, all having fun. Been there, done that and got several T-shirts. This time around  I want to keep an eye on the reason why I am here: to write.  ( The first night in the pub, reminded me of my month in France to learn French: I made friends for life – but I still do not speak French.)

Of course I don’t intend to become a complete recluse that would be dumb, a waste of time and worse: earth-shatteringly boring for this blog. It’s just that I’ve discovered I am happy to walk my own way again. If it happens to be where others are heading, that’s good, if not – well I guess I’ll see them in class.

This might not be new to you but to me it is a revelation: to have refound this confident that I can choose to walk the streets of a metropolitan city on my own.

On that note: time to grab my stuff and go for a walk to find inspiration and some coffee. Let’s go on an adventure!

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