Brunch crusaders

brunch [brʌntʃ]


a meal eaten late in the morning, combining breakfast with lunch

[from br(eakfast) + (l)unch] by Collins English Dictionary.

Apparently it is the thing to do on Sundays. How hard can it be?


It all started with me and my companion both being slightly fragile: she might have just been tired from work, I had a good night after I signed off yesterday. The clocks had changed and sprung an hour forward and thus we found ourselves queueing in the Grey Dog at 2.50pm with brunch closing at 3pm. There were massive cookies on display as well as huge brownies, muffins and freshly baked breads. However, we couldn’t get distracted: brunch it was. We got our order in at 3pm and made our way to the table by the window.

Three sips of coffee later and we were told that brunch was no longer being served. Alas, miscommunication with the kitchen. After a quick glance at the menu, even though packed with gorgeous sandwiches, we knew that breakfast fare was going to be only way forward.

I’d seen places that served brunch til 4pm, so with 45 min on the clock we were on a mission. We walked around the block one time as we were not familiar with the neighbourhood and needed to be sure breakfast fare in the form of pancakes or french toast or eggs. Breakfast taco is all very well, but not if you have cinnamon challah on the mind.

It turned into a little mission. Twenty minutes later we actually managed to sit down at one place Sweet Revenge that also did cupcakes – and were about to order French Toast when the waitress apologised:  they were out of French Toast. We kindly thanked her for the information and had to move on. Even the gorgeous looking lemon and red velvet cupcakes couldn’t distract us.

Fifteen minutes to go…
We settled for Daddy-O’s not amazing, not bad and it did breakfast, more importantly it did French toast with bacon on the side. At this point I am near literally hoovering the food and my fellow brunch crusader is on her fourth cup of coffee by the time I’m halfway through my plate.

The tabasco on the table almost tempts me to a Bloody Mary but that would have been one for the File of Really Bad Ideas. Especially as it is now almost midnight and  I am still waiting for ‘my muse’ to show up to aid me with my 2.5 of my 3 story-lines. I guess it also doesn’t help that I’m actively ignoring my thoughts that inadvertently seem wander to someone else…

To Be Continued…