Another week has gone by…

Another list, I appreciate it is a little bit of a cop-out. I do actually have great stories – one about a BBQ place – but I’m ill and on some kind of cough medicine. Special as my body reacts to these things I’m currently as clear-headed as a ketamine-addict. ( as a matter of speaking obviously, mother.) Some events just deserve and require more effort but for now here are ten to keep you/me satisfied.

1. Weather in New York is unpredictable in March. Did we have a nice warm 21 degrees two weeks ago, last week we were hit with hail and snow. This might have had something to do with the persistent cough that is now making its way through the whole course.

2. Went to see Adjustment Bureau ( if that gets made, it means there is still hope for us fledgling writers!) Was more in awe of the array of cinema food, which they then had to spoil by informing us of the calorie-content. (Why?!) So I had a medium bucket of Cherry-coke that kept me buzzzing through the film.

3. I have now frequented the kitchen. I even cooked a meal ( the first in 3 weeks. Long story, mostly involving salads and elaborate lunches.)

4. I could only do this because I got introduced to this grocery place Trader Joe’s. Someone ( a Native ;))  had to come with me and hold my hand. I did find Salt Water Taffy which made the trip worth it.

5. Saw a one-woman show Bootleg Islam as part of the Iranian Festival at the Brick theatre with D. ( Previously mentioned in the Chinese food story) It was the second time I went to see some fringe here, after seeing the awesomely executed Machinal the week before.

6. There was snow when we came out of the theatre thus we had to find shelter and some drinks, until the bartenders put their coats on too…and it was only Wednesday.

7. Coffee. Black: it has become a necessity.

8. Last night I found my way to a place where my new friends were having a meal, only on vague instructions, an address and the NY grid system. Even nearly got bull shitted by a guy who tried to send me the wrong way.

9. Bull shit radar in general seems to be working well – though I do feel like Odysseus resisting the Sirens sometimes.

10. “Inspiration is overrated.” Quote from Debora Cahn who talked to us about her job as screenwriter/producer for Grey’s Anatomy. Sometimes you just need to keep writing.

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