Procrastination ville

Class got cancelled for this afternoon, so I find myself once again in the Bookstore cafe, supposedly to write but conveniently having lunch as well. (Haha, just got a text from my classmates who did not see the group cancellation e-mail and are now angry with me for not texting them to warn them. Sorry guys, will be more on the ball next time! Jeez…)

Anyway I’ve opted for something that looked like a baked ball of something. The lady behind the counter gave it a beautiful name and explained that it was mainly potato mixed with something, onions, spinach something.

So I tried it and I have to say it does do what it says on the pack: it is mashed potato mixed with spinach 🙂 Not sure what else I expected, but it tastes nice anyway.  I like trying new things but apparently I am having an allergic reaction to something that I tried. Two days ago I woke up with a rash on my face  was spreading.

Fortunately the pharmacist could give me some anti-histamine and so everything is calming down. Unfortunately, I cannot mix this with beer and I have a sneaky suspicion that this is God’s way of telling me to drink less.

I have started writing my screenplay now and I was adamant to keep writing this afternoon, but now my angry classmates are drinking away their sorrows… Oh the temptation…. If I don’t actually drink alcohol, does procrastination still count?

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