The Boat

On the subway there was a big burly man, dressed in a casual T-shirt and a cap,folding small crosses from palm leaves: Palm Sunday. It arrives even in New York, touching even the most unexpected.

Struggling with the concept of God myself, I like the joke of the man who after a flood, got stranded on his rooftop while the water was still rising. Some sources say he was drowning in the ocean. In any case there was a lot of water.

The man started praying to be saved.

A boat arrived to help him, but the man refused. “God will save me.” The boat left.

Another boat arrived but again the man refused.” God will save me.” The boat left.

And because all things come in three , a third boat arrived to help him ( Boats are like busses really – especially when you are drowning.) Again the man refused.

Then he died. Obviously.

When he got to the gates of Heaven and was given time for his one complimentary question to God himself, the man asked: “Why didn’t you save me?”

God answered: ” I sent you three boats.”

Moral of the story kids: you can’t always pin it on the Big Man, so you if you don’t like them boats, you’d better learn to swim!

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