Last Supper project

Last year on Maundy Thursday I asked the question what your last supper would be. It being Maundy Thursday again today, I decided to make what I ate today a project.

This morning, breakfast was a bowl of fresh pineapple and a black coffee in class, while reading  the script of Rear Window – the Hitchcock classic. (Though the film does beg the question: how can a man be so obsessed with a supposed murder, when a gorgeously clad Grace Kelly is practically offering him sex on a plate? )

As we had an actual lunch-hour, I had lunch with a beautiful friend in a “Cuban” in Soho. There we enjoyed  our steak, topped with fried eggs and home fries. Sitting opposite her,  the sight of my friend confirmed once again that even for me there is real pleasure in seeing a beautiful woman eat.

After class I had a bottle of Bud ( ‘No thanks, we don’t need a glass – it’s already served in one…’ ) with another gorgeous friend at a Soho bar, just talking and laughing about our amazing and exciting lives.

When I got home, it was time to procrastinate once more as I have a deadline for my whole script looming on Easter Monday.  (Famous Last words: ” Oh, but that’s ages away!”) Forgotten chocolate-bar was found in my fridge: Result.

Two written pages later (ok, one and a half) but now actually hungry, I went for salmon-sushi (Sorry, I’m aware of the nuclear risks but this was a Last Supper project!) and grilled squid drenched in soy-sauce. I ate this very greedily by myself at my desk in my room, occasionally catching a glimmer of happiness in the mirror.

It’s 23:55, five minutes before the end of my project and I think I made the best of my day.

If I should die before I wake – please notice the smile on my face.

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