Life is a roller coaster

It happened  last week, just as I was minding my own business in a bookstore: suddenly I was overwhelmed by the realisation that it would all be over soon.

Eight weeks have flown by. For a moment I was standing there, like a lemon, in front of the journal section, eyes tearing up with unexpected heart-ache like emotion.

Complete nonsense of course as there is nothing to cry about: New York has been amazing to me. I don’t even feel  like I’ll be leaving it soon, it actually feels like I have made a new friend who I’ll be able to visit.

I feel the same about my less metaphorical new friends; experience has shown that you don’t have to see each other everyday to still feel connected.

The fact that we did see each other (nearly) every day over the last few months, has made these eight weeks super-intense. Everyone came to this city as an individual and became part of this international group of people with similar interests, looking for the same thing. No wonder friendships were built in mere days.

Emotions were intense, disagreements/miscommunications, everything that would usually just be shrugged off, now almost became something of an event. When you are by yourself, without your usual social network to fall back on or flee to, or even without a familiar social context, the impact of an emotion can be huge.

This is the case for all emotions of course and indeed, a few liaisons have developed over the last few weeks.  Poor souls, if I fear the pain of separation from my friends, their agony must be a hundred-times worse. They might curse themselves for having gotten into something that could have a potential messy outcome.(Pints of Haagen-Dazs at the ready, washed away with soul-numbing vodka-shots.)

Still I hope they will give themselves credit for their courage. Courage being defined as:

 the power or quality of dealing with or facing danger, fear, pain, etc.

Yes, anyone in their right mind knows the risks of an eight-week affair. The key to this obviously,  is that these things are never a mind-matter, it is the heart’s. It takes some courage and strength to willingly step into an emotional rollercoaster without knowing what will happen when you get to the end of the ride.

The ride might make you sick or might even hurt you, but there is the thrill of the attraction! If you are lucky, you end up with a beautiful picture of you and your object of affection, beaming with happiness in one of the rollercoaster-carts (which you can pick up from the store for the bargain-price of $12.99 or $14.99 for a key ring.)

What I’m trying to say is, what is the price of happiness – be it fleeting, momentarily? So take a breath and hang on tight my friends: go a little crazy in the land of the free and make your mark in the home of the brave!

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