Grumpy Day

It was a rainy day today in New York. Of course I did not mind as my mood wasn’t exactly reflecting  glitter rainbows and fluffy pink clouds either…

With people leaving all this week and my turn on Friday, I just felt a little sad and I was trying hard not to get worried about the inevitable question “What to do with my life when I get back.” Last time I worried my face fell off, so I have decided to adopt another strategy to trick myself: I allowed myself to be grumpy, to be sad about my departure but only for today, so by tomorrow and Friday morning I will have to be happy and enjoy the rest of the time here.

I spent my day schlepping through the rain trying to find presents for people back home. This might sound torture for some but I actually like it.  Then I was joined by a Dutch friend who braved the rain for me and was kind enough to join me for lunch. Even after a near ten years abroad there is nothing better than just speaking your mother tongue when you are feeling a little low. It doesn’t matter what you talk about, it has something comforting – just because you can.

Comfort food came in the shape of Huge Pastrami sandwiches from Katz’s Deli. (Katz’s Deli of ‘When Harry Met Sally’  orgasm-scene fame.) It was great, though it wasn’t exactly the let’s call it the ‘ I have what she’s having’ feeling, which could possibly have saved the day… But I still have a pile of pastrami between two token slices of rye to eat –  is that looking at the bright side of life or what?

I have tried to tackle some of my packing to avoid Massive Last Minute Panic and I am about to go out to meet D. for a drink. All good for a grumpy day me thinks.

Tomorrow, last full day in NY and… one last crazy thing to tick of the list!*

To be continued…

* Don’t worry I won’t marry an American, though apparently I’m engaged! Surprise! Long story. Wait, 17… is that even legal?

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