Happy Day

The perfect last day. The sun was out and I would meet the girls for breakfast before going on a mission. For the ease of this piece of writing, I have decided to christen them Aphrodite and Athena, after the Greek goddesses.

Athena arrived late because she was cold and decided to buy a coat – damn I like her style. Breakfast was like Christmas where I got loads of presents and sweet notes which I couldn’t read because I refused to cry. ( I found that staring at your coffee or tea intensely, helps for the moment to pass.)

Then it was time to go, as Aphrodite had to go to class, so only two were left to wander the sunny streets of the Lower East. Ok, we got a little lost. Not to fear we found a guy with a map. Swift recovery, we  indeed found what we were looking for.

Once inside, the phone rang, apparently class finished early and Aphrodite was on her way… To the amusement of the shopkeeper who insisted the whole thing really would only take five minutes.

It lasted three. How appropriate. Three minutes for each girl, for the bond they forged and the memories they made.

I realised that this was it, for now: this was New York for me and it had been all I wished for and more.

Guess that is it about the great things in life, sometimes you just need a little…

Don't worry mother, it's tiny!

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