Crazy Life

Life is crazy at the moment. I feel like I am writing every hour of the day, on a wing and a prayer it will lead to something ( Anything!)

It is not a bad thing, but be careful what you wish for is all I say!

Perhaps I should make my wishes more specific and tailor them to current needs.

Still this blog is not dormant. I am still here. Just busy writing away…


Channelling Pollyanna

My life sucks a little right now, I turn out to be slightly allergic to the painkiller tablets ( make me feel sick) and the painkiller drops ( make my eye swell up) so imagine having a dozen papercuts over your right eye and I welcome you to my world.

Thus in a Pollyanna attempt for distraction here are some random things that can make me happy:

Tea and biscuits. Dutch herbal tea and Dutch Bastogne biscuits. In copious amounts.

That is right: the Taylor-Burton diamond. As if a great big fucking diamond wouldn’t make you happy. The thought that Richard bid for it on a payphone to be able to get the stone for Elizabeth makes me smile. The umpteenth example that if someone really cares, they find a way to show it.

My cool sister rebranding me from pirate-girl to Diva after seeing me with sunglasses despite the Dutch monsoons that seem to be raging.  I mean, yeah pirates are sexy but La Loren is timeless.

Sleep. My problems sleeping have been trumped by the need to escape the pain. So I sleep and I dream. Last night I dreamt I caught three small parrots while out fishing in a  swamp.  I set them free though. Answers on a postcard.

Chips and mayonnaise – Like the Burton diamond. How can it not make you happy.

Post cards. Writing postcards is fun. So much better than  just another email. Bit Old Skool but still nice to write and receive.

Home made art. Knowing that my best girls still know who I am despite only being able to see them once in a blue moon.

Once I regain full eye-sight, I am free to roam and travel wherever I want. No trouble sleeping anywhere, indoors/outdoors because I don’t need contacts or glasses ( which would help in my homeless state ;)), no problems driving in the light or the dark ( well no problems I can blame on eye-sight anyway!). I might even enjoy swimming again. Ha! Might.

Considering the way I ‘d like to live my life, this is worth it.  Great eyesight brings a lot of freedom and lord knows there is a lot more world to see…and just the thought of exploring the world makes me smile.

Ten things to do on a first birthday

1. Jump on a big mattress like a trampoline, trying to avoid small heads and feet of fellow birthday guests while doing so.

2. Have animated dialogue about new big schools that will be attended after the summer holiday when conversation-partners both turn four.

3. Read books about princesses with glitter hair and animals with touchy-feely soft skin and sing-song along with long-forgotten nursery rhymes.

4. Take the birthday-girl on a reluctant walk: half-way through she decides that crawling in easier and faster.

5. Help out in the kitchen and let the near-four year old help peel hard-boiled eggs for dinner buffet, realising this might not be too efficient when she is munching through the one she peeled.

6. Preparing plates with rice, chicken and vegetables for near-four year old with same-height friend who turns out to be just two – damn these Dutch are tall. Try to hide veggies underneath rice: fail.

7.Bounce on green plastic bouncy cow with birthday girl – joined by sister, lots of kisses and cuddles and picture taking.

8.Open presents and admire ourselves in the mirror – completely dressed in pink accessories.

9.Play domino.

10.Saying goodbye and being called back when standing on the stairs: to have to promise I will invite both sisters and parents to my party when I next have one and that we can watch Rapunzel.

10 Happy Thoughts

  1. Like yesterday and the night before I am sleeping in a bed tonight, a
    by Louise Carey @

    real one. True happiness is one huge real bed.

  2. Above is evidence of the generosity and patience of my crazy lovely wonderful friends here in London.
  3. My crazy lovely wonderful friends from NY are still in touch and thinking about them makes me smile.
  4. Writing projects are going well, pilot is still going and I managed to finish a play this weekend.
  5. Just in time as I have now started a ‘voluntary placement’ and I’m an official content writer and content manage- to-be: writing about theatre-stuff. Well soon. As soon as I set it up.
  6. Money vs. opportunity: I am learning a lot about websites, will soon be a SEO and keyword placement wiz.
  7. I feel confident in what I am doing, because I have been doing this blog thing for years now. Finally something I just get.
  8. Working remote and flexible means there is no problem in me going home to NL next week.
  9. Hopefully the right eye can be fixed and I can see the world despite dawn or twilight again. Like normal people.
  10. I will see my niece and her first two teeth celebrating her first birthday! I cannot wait!
  11. Bonus: Gunning For 8 Hours Sleep In Real Bed.

First Class.

A lot has been said about this summer of sequels, mostly negative, however there was one prequel I was actually waiting for. Giddy with excitement I saw X-men First Class.

It’s 1942 and the lives of Erik Lensherr (future Magneto)  and Charles Xavier (future Professor X) , couldn’t be more different. Erik is a Jew who discovers his magnetic powers when he gets separated from his mother in a concentration camp. Prompting camp-doctor Sebastian Shaw(the ageless Kevin Bacon.) to experiment on him.

Charles lives a privileged life in America and knowing he has a special power (telepathy) coincidentally befriends a young blue shape-shifter Raven.

Twenty years later: Erik (Michael Fassbender) is now an angry young man trying to hunt down nazis. Charles (James MacAvoy) is working on his thesis on mutation at Oxford and lives with his sister Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) who’s taken on the appearance of a beautiful blonde to hide her blue scaly self.

The paths of Erik and Charles cross when the CIA recruits Charles to deal with a group of mutants who seem to have their hearts set on causing a nuclear war. At the helm of this group: Sebastian Shaw, Erik’s archenemy.

With the help of Dr Hank McCoy (future Beast, played by Nicholas Hoult) and an early version of  the machine Cerebro, which the Professor uses in later films to connect to mutants over the world, Erik and Charles take it upon themselves to recruit their own mutant-group to fight Shaw.

Erik and Charles train their young recruits, teaching them how to control their powers effectively.

Charles tries to instill a sense of pride in all his pupils, telling them to accept themselves: though he does seem to repeat the same spiel every time. He seems to try to impress with his knowledge, as shallowly as a chat-up line.

Erik has a different method to convey the same message: he literally pushes students to show them they can fly and in general prefers action to words.

As different as their approaches, are the men’s views on the conundrum of a society with humans and mutants: Charles believes we all can live in harmony, but Erik scarred by his past, is worried that mutants will be hunted down. This comes to a head when they have to deal with what will be known as the Cuban missile crisis: the X-men and The Brotherhood are born.

The film is a feast of recognition for fans of the franchise: the back-stories are revealed, the relationships are explained and references to the comics are made, as well as containing a few surprising cameos.

It lays on the message of self-acceptance perhaps, but this is based on a comic book and teenage angst after all. Director Matthew Vaughn has made the action sophisticated, the dialogue is funny and effective, and characters are carefully developed and portrayed by bright young things. Nice set up for the second film then.