10 Happy Thoughts

  1. Like yesterday and the night before I am sleeping in a bed tonight, a
    by Louise Carey @ allposters.com

    real one. True happiness is one huge real bed.

  2. Above is evidence of the generosity and patience of my crazy lovely wonderful friends here in London.
  3. My crazy lovely wonderful friends from NY are still in touch and thinking about them makes me smile.
  4. Writing projects are going well, pilot is still going and I managed to finish a play this weekend.
  5. Just in time as I have now started a ‘voluntary placement’ and I’m an official content writer and content manage- to-be: writing about theatre-stuff. Well soon. As soon as I set it up.
  6. Money vs. opportunity: I am learning a lot about websites, will soon be a SEO and keyword placement wiz.
  7. I feel confident in what I am doing, because I have been doing this blog thing for years now. Finally something I just get.
  8. Working remote and flexible means there is no problem in me going home to NL next week.
  9. Hopefully the right eye can be fixed and I can see the world despite dawn or twilight again. Like normal people.
  10. I will see my niece and her first two teeth celebrating her first birthday! I cannot wait!
  11. Bonus: Gunning For 8 Hours Sleep In Real Bed.

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