Ten things to do on a first birthday

1. Jump on a big mattress like a trampoline, trying to avoid small heads and feet of fellow birthday guests while doing so.

2. Have animated dialogue about new big schools that will be attended after the summer holiday when conversation-partners both turn four.

3. Read books about princesses with glitter hair and animals with touchy-feely soft skin and sing-song along with long-forgotten nursery rhymes.

4. Take the birthday-girl on a reluctant walk: half-way through she decides that crawling in easier and faster.

5. Help out in the kitchen and let the near-four year old help peel hard-boiled eggs for dinner buffet, realising this might not be too efficient when she is munching through the one she peeled.

6. Preparing plates with rice, chicken and vegetables for near-four year old with same-height friend who turns out to be just two – damn these Dutch are tall. Try to hide veggies underneath rice: fail.

7.Bounce on green plastic bouncy cow with birthday girl – joined by sister, lots of kisses and cuddles and picture taking.

8.Open presents and admire ourselves in the mirror – completely dressed in pink accessories.

9.Play domino.

10.Saying goodbye and being called back when standing on the stairs: to have to promise I will invite both sisters and parents to my party when I next have one and that we can watch Rapunzel.

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