Channelling Pollyanna

My life sucks a little right now, I turn out to be slightly allergic to the painkiller tablets ( make me feel sick) and the painkiller drops ( make my eye swell up) so imagine having a dozen papercuts over your right eye and I welcome you to my world.

Thus in a Pollyanna attempt for distraction here are some random things that can make me happy:

Tea and biscuits. Dutch herbal tea and Dutch Bastogne biscuits. In copious amounts.

That is right: the Taylor-Burton diamond. As if a great big fucking diamond wouldn’t make you happy. The thought that Richard bid for it on a payphone to be able to get the stone for Elizabeth makes me smile. The umpteenth example that if someone really cares, they find a way to show it.

My cool sister rebranding me from pirate-girl to Diva after seeing me with sunglasses despite the Dutch monsoons that seem to be raging.  I mean, yeah pirates are sexy but La Loren is timeless.

Sleep. My problems sleeping have been trumped by the need to escape the pain. So I sleep and I dream. Last night I dreamt I caught three small parrots while out fishing in a  swamp.  I set them free though. Answers on a postcard.

Chips and mayonnaise – Like the Burton diamond. How can it not make you happy.

Post cards. Writing postcards is fun. So much better than  just another email. Bit Old Skool but still nice to write and receive.

Home made art. Knowing that my best girls still know who I am despite only being able to see them once in a blue moon.

Once I regain full eye-sight, I am free to roam and travel wherever I want. No trouble sleeping anywhere, indoors/outdoors because I don’t need contacts or glasses ( which would help in my homeless state ;)), no problems driving in the light or the dark ( well no problems I can blame on eye-sight anyway!). I might even enjoy swimming again. Ha! Might.

Considering the way I ‘d like to live my life, this is worth it.  Great eyesight brings a lot of freedom and lord knows there is a lot more world to see…and just the thought of exploring the world makes me smile.

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