The End of the Beginning

Hang on… where was I? Oh yes, the part where this marathon to become a writer is becoming tedious.  Recently ( and by that I mean two minutes ago) I looked at what I had written under the tab “Issey Q” and how this blog is all about my  – oh horrible word – journey to become a writer.

Quick evaluation shows that updates have been sparse lately: mostly because I have actually been writing for websites or for projects. So I would say that I have become a writer of some sorts.  Hoorah! Some would argue that if you look at it that way, I always was. (yeah yeah, whatever…)

Thus, am I ready to wrap this blog all up then? Ehm not quite. It still feels like I am not finished yet: I am writing but I am not getting paid.

Now, not getting paid for my writing is really more a pragmatic  problem than an egotistical one. I like writing and everything that comes with it. Having said that, I need to live.

I am done with living on people’s floors too; as much I appreciate everything everyone has done for me over the last nearly year, I know this writing malarkey needs to turn into something more sustainable.

I was going to write something about how I have been looking for writing jobs and why I keep holding out. Make brave statements about money vs. dreams. However, I’m also done with justifying my life choices to everyone so I will only share the adjusted focus of my quest a little:

This is my account of my – oh horrible word – journey to become a paid writer, so I can afford my own space, somewhere to return to from my travels and just live my life happily: I want to be a travelling storyteller with homesickness.

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