Bring on August

I am typing this from my own room above a shop in Greenwich, one of the nicest places in London. When I say “my own room,” I mean the one I will be residing in for a month,  but being alone in a room is a novelty I relish.

The weather this weekend has just been perfect, sunny and warm. I have met up with friends, had conversations, visited a free vintage fair, went to the cinema and visited the Glamour of the Gods exhibition.

I have done my research and prepped for my day in the office tomorrow, and I have finished the outline for a pilot-script.

Outside, the world is still bustling –  there’s a pub next door and my window is open because of the heat. I don’t mind: it’s a reminder that the sound is outside and inside it’s still.

No matter what happens tomorrow: tonight, I am just stupidly happy.

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