The Bus

As I came out of the Tube station I saw the 21 bus, I ran towards it waving my Oyster card… but the bus still left without me.

I swore under my breath while an elderly Indian woman stared at me.  I ignored her and looked at the bus map. She kept staring at me and approached me: “Are you from Japan?”  As she seemed harmless and her son and daughter-in-law looked quite embarrassed, I went into my ‘ My parents are from Indonesia’ -spiel, upon which the 141 bus went passed without even stopping. I signalled for it, the bus seemed to stop. I ran towards it and dropped my umbrella, by the time I picked it up the bus had gone and I walked back to the busstop.

There a lady who had seen me run, pitied me: ” I’m sorry.” ” Two busses…” I muttered.  ” Where do you need to go.” she asked. I told her, she smiled then turned to the road: ” Do you need the 43?”  There it was: the 43. I signalled for it. It stopped.

” There you go,” she said kindly, ” even after all the running…”

I guess patience was never my forte.

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