Stuck on the stationary train ( top10)

… so what is a girl to do but write a quick blog. Ten things I’m looking forward to this weekend:

1.Lying/sitting/walking/ drinking in the sun. Real sun, warm rays that were lacking this summer. It might be over by Tuesday, but we’ll be soaking it up til Monday.

2.Eating. Let’s face it, I always look forward to eating.

3.Wedding preparation / Hen-night talk. The first of us is getting married in April: if you know someone who’s always wanted a small garden wedding… Just wait until they’ve tried on The Dress > Hell Breaks Loose.

4. Daily showers. Oh the small things in life you start to appreciate when your house isn’t fitted with a bathroom yet. ( Don’t worry mother, I have lots of friends with showers…)

5. Reading a book. The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet by David Mitchell is gorgeous and the storylines are coming together now… so why I am writing I don’t know.

6.Well I do of course, simply for the love of it. Might write on one of the severely neglected writing projects.

7.Hang out with friends, not with angry sweaty men on this train who are just trying to get home. The train lady just announced we are going to skip a station to get to Gloucester (=with an hour delay) She was not popular.

8.Have a lie-in and not having to leave the house because six builders are still painting, sanding and wiring…

9. Enjoy the outdoors. Love London, Love leaving it behind.

10. Beat my friends at poker. Mwahahaha fighting talk: Bring on the Weekend!

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