….an endless source of entertainment. Conversation overheard between three Americans on the Tube.

” You know what is really good for when you’re sick?”

This got my attention as I wasn’t feeling too perky…

” Coca cola.”


” Well it was when we were kids,  but there was this other [ couldn’t understand] but I think that was like illegal in New Jersey.”

This is apparently really funny – I guess it’s a cultural thing.

“Here it would be what? Red Bull? Probably?”

” It’s that energy drink. ”

” Yeah like Coke. But you see, my sister…. she’s like all no-sugar right.”


“Yeah completely sugar-free.”


“Yeah I know, but like one day we were in Amsterdam and we just wanted a drink…”

“Oh no…”

“Yeah… and she kept  going like… and I mean… we’re in the middle of nowhere right….”


“And we had to ask:’hey is this sugar free?’… I mean like in the… you know… anyway after awhile we were like: ‘just pick something! We’re thirsty! Come on we’re in Amsterdam!'”


“I mean… how do we know whether its like ‘sugar-free’ or not – we just wanted a drink.”


“It’s probably not even for the sugar.”

“Nah, it’s something to do with calories.”

I guess it is tricky… Diet Coke is billed as Cola Light… but there is that infamous drink called water. Which in Dutch if anyone with sugar-fears ever needs go translates as: water.  I know… but might be worth trying it.

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