…but let us start in Devon.

I realise after writing this, I should probably have a category called: Food. After having written about Last Suppers and other food adventures in the past, here another account of how I like to spend my weekends.

After an epic coach trip due to the M5 accident over the weekend, I made it to Plymouth for Bonfire/ birthday celebrations. ( Ok, I have to confess – terrible friend as I am I did assume it was the former rather than the latter: oops. Anyway Happy Birthday Gem!)

The weekend was simply fantastic and filled with food: after the Firework display ( cued on music, what a job!) on the Hoe, we went for an Indian meal. All ten of us thought it was wise to order the set menu: 30 min later we could feed a small African nation with the content of our table.

A bakery near Kabul, Afghanistan
Image via Wikipedia It took 30 min but we ended up with enough bread...

The baskets Nan bread seemed to be multiplying and we lost count of the plates of sag aloo. The curry dishes were amazing and we realised that Sunday- best was a mistake: this was a meal that required joggers. Later desert was presented: two chocolate cakes with 3 Letter-shaped sparklers spelling the name of the birthday girl: Happy Birthday  M-G -E!

Sunday was a gorgeous sunny day, after breakfast ( poached eggs and grilled bacon on brown bread: practically healthy) we went out to the country side.

Noss Mayo
Image by rach2k via Flick

The idea was to go for a walk first to work up an appetite for a cream tea but unfortunately the rest of Devon had the same plan, so we ended up strolling through the lovely village of Noss Mayo. We just sat by the water, which was surprisingly clear, enjoyed the sunshine and watched the boats. It was beautifully quiet. We contemplated getting boats and retire here ourselves when we saw a man struggling to get to his rowing boat: it broke the romance, having a boat seemed hard work.

Probably the best cream tea in the world

We were not up for that and thus it was time for tea.

In the quaint little tea room in Newton Ferrers, they indeed served the best cream tea. Despite you just having ordered 2 fresh scones with jam and clotted cream to go with your cuppa, the tea cups all had a little biscuit on the side as well – just in case. (In case you are wondering:1. take scone 2.  first jam and then 3. clotted cream…) It was epic.

A traditional Sunday roast: roast beef, vegeta...
Image via Wikipedia

Oh then we managed to cook a roast at home. From scratch. This is not the real picture, there was no time for that… We did have home-made Yorkshires and the best roast potatoes: super impressed.

I might havegained weight but the stress patches on my skin are completely clearing up: Result.

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