Help me find 12 things to do in 2012.

Challenge me in 2012, not 2005... Image by studiocurve via Flickr

Let’s do it completely differently. Next year I’m going to start a new blog and I need your help.

The posts to this blog have been less frequent recently and I realised this blog functioned to discover/uncover what I wanted to do and then trying to achieve it: lo and behold (tears, tantrums and a couple of years later) I seem to be happily heading towards writing. Hoorah, tick: job done.

Now, I have decided to take the blinkers off and open up my horizons a bit.  I found this website called My 50 things to do in life. I have seen it before and I quite like the concept behind it: listing things you like to achieve in life and do it.

‘Life’ is a long and vague concept to me but as I was thinking about what I would like to achieve I decided to make my personal version. Please can you help me list 12 challenges for 2012. ( A bit like the Labours of Hercules, without the infanticide preceding it.) A little clarification:

The list needs to be a variety of big and smaller goals with a variety of challenge.
The world is the playground but the tasks need to be specific, eg “Eating a pastrami sandwich in Katz Deli, NY” rather than “Visit New York”.
It should also be something I have not done before.
My normal life will also still go on: I shall not enter a convent or go on a worldtrip. This challenge is not about me taking a GAP year, it is about living life during a recession: life still goes on, so you better make the most of it.

Lastly, the Common Sense Rules:

  1. Nothing that is deemed illegal – suffering for art has limits.
  2. No physical and emotional harming of living beings (and dead for that matter.)
  3. No surgical enhancement needed for any of the goals.
  4. No reversion of natural causes needed – I shan’t be able to raise the dead or  stop torrential rain.

While I’m thinking, I am open to suggestions – so please comment here or on Facebook, email me or just talk to me in person when you see me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

4 thoughts on “Help me find 12 things to do in 2012.

  1. A friend of mine is trying a different food every week. That would probably be quite a challenge for you (she has, to date, still never tried hot cross buns or French toast) but possibly worthwhile?

    Running in a torrential downpour for the hell of it.

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