Predictions, predictions – bring on 2012!

The first post of this blog is dated October 2008 in which I talk about “having to write”. This need seem to disappear for a year until October 2009 when I got some sad news and realised that I “had to write because that’s what I do best.”  Since then I have shared anecdotes about my London life, my struggle with the so-called Quarter Life Crisis and my search to find what I wanted to do.

Is it ironic that tears, tantrums and two years later, what I want to do turns out to be writing? Writing, which comes as naturally to me as breathing, is a legal profession (unlike breathing). Perhaps a lazy choice but I feel that my challenge in my chosen profession is not so much the writing as the ‘getting paid’-element of it. It makes me happy, so if we go with the “start your profession from a passion”- mantra, I’m on my way.

Who’d have thunk? Apparently the fortune teller who 18 months ago predicted that “by the end of 2011 I would have discovered what I wanted to do and do it.” It gave me something to hold onto this crazy, chaotic year and amazingly, 2012 will start with a new contract as a social media writer and a few creative writing projects in the pipeline.

It was also predicted that I would possibly have settled down with house and man.  Keyword being possibly as she also pointed out that “I’m bad in relationships… but I try.” Points for trying then: the house has materialised on The Square but no suitable Prince Charming yet. (Being told you’re bad in relationships doesn’t mean you have to lower the standard!)

In any case, the guy needs to be flexible (ba-da-boom) as 2012 is going to be busy. Thanks to your suggestions I shall finish the list of 2012 challenges with these three:

  • Witness a birth ( note: animal birth is allowed too)
  • Learn how to shoot a gun. ( because it scares me and it should be about challenging yourself.)
  • Learn to sing “Ave Maria” – the Bach/Gounod version. ( I just listened to the Maria Callas version. It won’t be like that.)

Soon I’ll start my brand new blog with the how/what and why but for now I wish you a Happy New Year and leave you with the video below. Have a great 2012!

12 Challenges for 2012 continued

Last night, or perhaps early this morning, I accidentally and unwittingly almost added a new challenge to the list.

I was on my annual trip with my crazy friends and had participated in three days of fun and games. Within the three days usually an elaborate game is played which has its finale on the very last day. Last night, or perhaps early this morning,  the finale games consisted of  a personalised game of monopoly. All our houses made their way on the board and  the cards had incidents of our lives on it with the financial consequences.  Our team did very well. So well indeed that we had genuine fear to win…

See, the thing is that the winners have to organise the holiday (and games) next year. It is a serious case of “It’s not about Winning.”  There were only three people in our team and one of us confessed he might have to go abroad next year. Right, so that would leave the other girl and me – the Londonian.  Hmm. Problem.

Luckily, a few alcohol induced mistakes, many millions back and forth (though mostly forth) and 3 hours later we managed to come in second. Phew!

So no Organising Over-elaborate Games Three-Day Party next year but added to the previous list of 2012 challenges:

  • Learn how to make croissants. From scratch.
  • Spending day with my 13 year old cousin.
  • Sorting through my pile of digital pics and make an album.

That is nine down, three to go… and only 24 hours to think…

To Be Continued…

What would you do in another life?

… I would live in a village.

I would be part of the community and not be annoyed that everyone knows each other. I would wave at people in recognition while walking down the street. I would drive a small car (stick, naturally) to do my weekly grocery shopping. Go into town and buy flowers and cards for friends and family on a whim. Then send them or even better drop the flowers off, just to say hello.

My home would have a huge kitchen and it would be lovely and organised. Ha that’s a lie, not even in another life. My home would be messy but in a charming and hygienic kind of way. Maybe there would be a guy, maybe there would be a baby.


Maybe two, or four. Babies that is, not guys – unless they all turn out male. Hmpf.
Four girls would be a nightmare too, imagine cycles synchronising, so preferably a mix.
Maybe I should start with one and take it from there. I digress, in any case: the house won’t be organised.

Ooh maybe I would have a cafe, that would be fun.

by annabelevelyn

A coffee place with liquor license (what else would the bloody point of a bar?) It would a cosy arty little place where people could hang out and eat. Nice simple, enjoyable food and pretty desserts of course.

What else would there be?

by Thomas Kinkade

Back at the house, I’d have a garden with a lawn and a pond, and big trees for tree houses and swings. Maybe chickens.
It would be full of colourful flowers in spring, a big garden table for BBQs in summer. Autumn would be pretty and winters would have snow – always. Not the traffic stopping annoying kind of snow of course, just the idyllic pretty sort. At night the garden would light up with Christmas lights, that miraculously appear.


I’d look at the garden from my desk, surrounded by bookshelves full of books and trinkets from travels. I would close the door, sip my tea, open my laptop and I would write.

There are two things that seem to remain in both my “other life” and my reality: I write and I am happy.




12 challenges for 2012 – 6 down, 6 to go

Quick update: after a pow-wow with the New York ladies last night, I have found six of the 12 things I can do for my challenge for 2012.  Details to follow but in broad strokes and in short they include:

  1. Learn to dance.
  2. Write my  “Courage”mantra on Ipanema beach.
  3. Spend a day shadowing a teaching assistant on a special needs school.
  4. Run a half-marathon with my very cool sister.
  5. Learn to play the mouth harmonica.
  6. Enter a short (!) silent retreat.

Six down, six to go: anymore suggestions?