12 Challenges for 2012 continued

Last night, or perhaps early this morning, I accidentally and unwittingly almost added a new challenge to the list.

I was on my annual trip with my crazy friends and had participated in three days of fun and games. Within the three days usually an elaborate game is played which has its finale on the very last day. Last night, or perhaps early this morning,  the finale games consisted of  a personalised game of monopoly. All our houses made their way on the board and  the cards had incidents of our lives on it with the financial consequences.  Our team did very well. So well indeed that we had genuine fear to win…

See, the thing is that the winners have to organise the holiday (and games) next year. It is a serious case of “It’s not about Winning.”  There were only three people in our team and one of us confessed he might have to go abroad next year. Right, so that would leave the other girl and me – the Londonian.  Hmm. Problem.

Luckily, a few alcohol induced mistakes, many millions back and forth (though mostly forth) and 3 hours later we managed to come in second. Phew!

So no Organising Over-elaborate Games Three-Day Party next year but added to the previous list of 2012 challenges:

  • Learn how to make croissants. From scratch.
  • Spending day with my 13 year old cousin.
  • Sorting through my pile of digital pics and make an album.

That is nine down, three to go… and only 24 hours to think…

To Be Continued…

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