Leap Day – Why you should NOT propose

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Ever since the  film Leap Year came out, the discussion of women proposing to their potential spouses has entered the circles of my friends. I have a very very strong opinion about this, which initially might seem unfeminist but before you cry of betrayal of any sisterhood – like,whatever – it in fact, is not.

Firstly, men are NOT incapable: it is a myth. Yes, they might look at emotions differently than women but that does not rule out that they possess them. They might not deal with situations as women do but it does not mean that they don’t deal with them. In other words: if he wants to propose, he can and he will.

It is one of the few gallantries in life that have survived the necessary push of feminism. Like having doors held open for you and being served first at the table,  a proposal is one of those gestures that you should be able to enjoy. Let it stroke your feminine and his masculine ego.

Feminism or not, women are still the only ones who can carry children. You might not want children, you might not be able to have children but if you do and can, then you are sacrificing 9 months of your life and body to a baby. That in itself is worth a great big friggin ring and the effort of a proposal.

If you are a crazy about each other you will be nice to each other. I believe that relationships, unlike popular believe and recent Hollywood portrayal, are not meant to resemble nuclear wars. I quite hope that they are fun and positively challenging for both parties enabling both to reach full potential.

So in conclusion, he is  perfectly capable to propose if he wants to, the right man is not going to hold out on you just to make a post-feminist point and you have time to wait for the right man because *badaboom* you are worth it.

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