Would the famous have a bad day?

A day after Angelina’s Jolie’s article about her double mastectomy, a decision which she seemingly taken bravely, pro-actively and naturally; I wonder if famous people have had bad days too…

President Bill Clinton with Nelson Mandela, Ju...
Would these men ever ponder any regrets? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did Amelia Earhart ever woke up and thought “I’m not sure if I should do this”?

Did Charlie Chaplin fear his career when the silent films were on the way out?

Would there be envy in the Jackson family?

Did Nelson Mandela in his days as president ever consider just staying in bed?

Did Jane Austen ever think: “There must be more to life?”

Does David Beckham ever worry if he is overrated?

Did Winston Churchill consider he might lose?

Did Hillary Clinton sometimes wonder if she got The Balance right?

Has Stephen Hawking ever been depressed about his deterioration?

Would Beyoncé ever be tired of Jay-Z?

Did JK Rowling ever consider whether all this money made her happier?

Did Leonardo Da Vinci worry whether his ideas actually made sense?

Did William Shakespeare lay awake about his bills?

Did Katherine Hepburn ever shed a tear over a man?

Does The Queen ever just want to leave to a remote island and live peacefully?

Did Albert Einstein ever think: “I don’t understand.” ?


Hidden heartaches

As the world focusses on the incredible story of the three women who were freed in Ohio after ten years, there is another little story of heartache going on back home. In the Netherlands two little boys are missing in Zeist, their parents are divorced and the brothers were spending the weekend with their father. The father was found near a wood after having committed suicide and the boys had disappeared.

Disco jesusA friend of mine shared the mother’s agony felt through her status update on Facebook: “to keep an eye out for her two little fellas who have been missing since this morning.”  After shortly stopping the search last night, police has had enough tips to continue later today.

Having just visited a new-born niece I cannot, refuse to imagine the pain. Literally witnessing a new generation of my family come to life, makes me realise that life will go on, even when I am no longer here. Not having any children of my own yet, I see the future in my nieces and my nephew. Not even my own, they are my hope.

I am not even able to write down my fears out of silly superstition but I feel for the mother who is waiting for her sons. It might just be one story, which doesn’t even make the global news. It is one of many in the world and nothing to do with me at all but if we stop caring for people’s crises, hope is truly lost.