Time flies when you’re having fun

Konfuzius-1770Three years ago this month, I left my last ‘proper’ job or what felt like my last ‘proper’ job: the 9-5 in the office kind of job. One I rolled into and left with as much bang as is still decent: off to find what I loved doing.

“Wanting to write” was more a rough direction, rather than a clear destination. Over the years it grew into one, mostly by just doing it, trying it out, honing the skill. Writing took on many forms: reviews, articles, pilot-scripts, theatre scripts, blogs…  I helped people and businesses translate manuals and contracts, and I’m currently working with a friend: writing press releases and marketing material for her fashion agency.

I attended a screenwriting and a scriptwriting course, meeting similar souls and making new friends. It takes time but it pays off: tonight I had a meeting about a logo for the theatre company I am part of. It may seem a small step but it is one step forward and I’m super proud of our efforts.

I put my hours in and not much of it is paid, which means that there is still a money-job on the side but even that feels just part of the bigger picture. It’s been three years since my last ‘proper’ job and it hasn’t felt like I have had to work ever since.


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