Brazil Time in London

There are times there is just so much too type, so much too share. From life’s transitions to life’s little quirks. (Overheard another classic Americans on the Tube conversation yesterday: “And then the Chinese got involved.” “The Chinese?” “Oh no I meant the Somali.” ending with the musing “I mean, imagine if in The States right, imagine if we would just invade a country. Without reason.”)

It has been a busy, exciting time and a birthplace for so many anecdotes, I couldn’t keep up with actually writing them. Today it would have happened but then two other things occurred this week.FxCam_1373115796509

Thursday 8am –  the doorbell went and there was incredible surprise delivery of DIY Pao de Queijo, courtesy of a beautiful Brazil friend.

The sun came out in London.

Put two and two together and despite working on and off today and as much as I would love to write: I am off to enjoy some Brazil time now.

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