10 on a wedding weekend

It’s been quiet on the Western Front, shall we do a fun post instead of over-analysing life? Here we go, 10 lessons learned from a wedding weekend:

Wedding (Photo credit: 蓝上弦)
  1. Pop some colour – you cannot wear black and ladies, unless it is you up at the front, you probably shouldn’t wear white.
  2. Wear great underwear.
  3. Try out shoes before the big day or have a comfortable alternative, even if it isn’t you tracking down the aisle.
  4. Eat before the ceremony. It is going to be a long happy alcohol filled day.
  5. Enjoy your drink, it will help if you missed point 3 – still have some water, it will help if you missed point 3.
  6. Don’t hide from the camera for a change: everyone’s made an effort, so let’s remember the days we actually looked good.
  7. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of emotions: excitement, fear, awkwardness, happiness, tears. It might not your wedding but it’s all on the cards.
  8. Say hello to the old gang and welcome the new. Yes there is much to catch up on but there are people in the proximity who don’t know why “that phrase” always reminds you of  “Whitechapel, 2006”.
  9. Dance. If you dare not dance on a wedding amongst the jumping, sugar-filled young and the melancholic, tipsy, grooving elders, you need to revisit point 2.
  10. Enjoy yourself and have some good, honest, clean fun. Trust me: it’s the new sexy.

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