The problem with…

(Yes, yes hashtag firstworldproblems and all that jazz. Whatever.)

…buying a waterproof running jacket is that you no longer have an excuse when it actually rains.

…opposite problem when buying fancy clothes, you just want more excuses to wear them.

An aisle displaying packages of instant noodle...
Heaven. Of Some Sort. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…lapsing and eating instant noodles is that the MSG (because those are the best ones, living life on the edge) make you instantly crave more. And they are only £1. For 3. It’s like crack but cheaper.

…having your eyes lasered is that you are constantly using artificial eye-drops because technically your eye has been fried to a crisp.

…working from home is that there are no colleagues to go out for a drink with on a Friday evening.

…working a shift pattern means that there is no such thing as a weekend really. You just do bits and bobs every day.

…getting a plant as a present: it gives you the responsibility to keep it alive. You only have to water it, how hard can this be – right?

…getting older is that since you no longer can leave a beautiful corpse, you better find something to do with your time here on earth.

…being a compulsive writer, you feel like you have to make up the word count in a blog. Even though the initial thought, moment of inspiration can be summed up in a sentence, namely that…

having your life mantra tattooed on your body, means that you will have to keep on going – no matter what life throws at you and how rocky the road ahead might seem.

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