Standing still

“Not all those who wander are lost.” Perhaps not, but maybe there are a few who during their walkabouts are not 100% sure they are heading in the right way…

On the superficial level, the above describes my life: blame my dire sense of direction. Only last night, I managed to roam the same block looking for a pub, 100m from the station and this is while being the blue dot on my phone: my map-reading skills also need some work.

In the less literal sense, i have been trying to make mind up on which way to go. Last weekend, someone shared his philosophy “Life is just wasting time”, it is just us who want to give it meaning. I don’t know if there is such thing as meaning but at the very least if we are going to spend a day or two here, I would like my time to be pleasurable/happy. I don’t mean 24/7 debauchery and entertainment (well….) but something more Aristotlesque.

Virtue (film)
WordPress helpfully came up with this as a picture suggestion… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(For those who need a refresher: “[Aristotle] says, not that happiness is virtue, but that it is virtuous activity. Living well consists in doing something, not just being in a certain state or condition. It consists in those lifelong activities that actualize the virtues of the rational part of the soul.” Quote-unquote from the Stanford Encyclopedia)

At the moment, I am just not quite sure what makes me happy as defined above, priorities seem to be shifting and as some new elements come into focus, which I hadn’t previously considered important: I wonder whether the things I now seemingly aspire to, are actually my own wishes or projections of others.

Against my nature, I have decided to forgo the wandering and stand still: to listen, to observe what is going on, in the hope that from the ashes a fire shall be woken and that a light from the shadows shall spring.

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