On the move.

It is nearly 1am and I am lying in the dark (phone light shining on my face) in my near empty bedroom.

It has been a hectic week: as if all the small events that have happened in the last few weeks/months, suddenly all came together and fell into place.

Time is a funny concept, while it is happening you don’t even notice it. All that is in the future seems still so far away but once you look back on it, you wonder how quickly things have flown by.

Two years ago, I moved into this room after a near sabbatical from the real world. That is unfair, even though unconventional my life was and is still very real. Yet two years ago,I continued on the road less travelled by and it has made all the difference. I am happier than I have ever been. I run a new writing group, I have a job that pays and is flexible. I am slowly and finally returning to my first love: the theatre.

After a near ten year detour, I seem to be on the right track. Was the detour worth it? Mwah… haha I suppose it took as long as I needed. Anyhoot it is getting late and tomorrow is a big day.Words of wisdom, kids: don’t delay your own happiness. It might take years, decades but pursue it. Once you got it, don’t apologise, don’t be afraid and don’t postpone. Time is a funny concept: the principle is infinite but not experience of it is not.

IMG-20150807-WA0007Tomorrow I am going to move once again. A new chapter, a continuing story.