Lembrança do Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia

Three years ago, bar five days, I found myself in Rio de Janeiro. It was part of my 2012 project – 12 challenges for 2012. That year had started for me without a job, without a home and I needed something to focus on.

At the end of the year, I stood on Ipanema beach with the sun scorching me in December. It was a sensation I had never experienced before in winter and I was so incredibly happy.

A few days after my arrival, my very good friend gifted me a wish ribbon. She had just visited Bahia and in tradition, she wanted to tie the ribbon to me for faith and good luck. The ribbon is tied with three knots, and you are to make a wish for each knot. When the ribbon falls off by itself, the wishes will (have) come true.

Another friend laughed at me when I had the ribbon tied to my wrist; he had the ribbon to his ankle and it hadn’t fallen off in nearly a year. On my wrist, the ribbon would soon annoy me and I would cut it before it had a chance to fall off.

One should never underestimate the faith of those who have nothing but dreams and ambitions. Especially when those intangible things are suddenly represented by a simple ribbon.

Three years I walked around with a ribbon around my wrist: I wore it every day, every night, had showers, cooked, worked, travelled and went about my daily business. For nearly three years, I was reminded every day of my three wishes, making it that I was open to possibilities and created the opportunities for my wishes to manifest and come true.

20151209_202601Fifteen minutes ago, at time of writing my ribbon fell off. It broke while I was sitting on the bed in my home, which I share with the boy and I was emailing people about the play readings that I am organising.

My three wishes: a home, a man, a play.