About Issey Q

Issey Q is the pretentious nom de plume of Clarissa Widya. Like most things in life, it was invented by accident and a severe lack of patience when it transpired that most variations of her name ( including the ones with numbers) were already registered. So take ol’ childhood nickname, stick a silly constenant behind it: you’re ready to go.

Recently Clarissa decided to get over the embarrassment of wanting to write instead of saving lives on the operating table or feeding the hungry in Kabul. She is also convinced she would make a very bad nun (for several undisclosed reasons) so devoting her life to charity and prayer would unfortunately not be an option either.

Twists and Tales are little stories about the twists and tales in Clarissa’s life and particularly her attempt(s) to establish herself as a writer and her -oh another horrible word-  ‘journey’ there.

It’s a public Post-It to herself that her ambition is valid: no matter how difficult it is to succeed, any dream is worth pursuing.

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