Looking for a Hot Tub baby this evening

Hot Tub Time Machine
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For NYE my crazy friends have built a hot tub in the garden of the house where the party will take place. You read it right, not placed, actually build with wood and heavy-duty plastic.  This morning the poor girl who owns the house with her boyfriend got woken up by a few sheepish looking guys with a ” Surprise! May we build a hot tub in your garden?” (I did ask them what they would have done if she had said No!. They grinned and said they would have phoned her boyfriend for a second opinion…)

It is currently being heated by a genius construction that heats an old radiator by wood fire, place a pump in between tub and radiator: Bob’s your uncle.  A piece of plastic is placed over the tub to keep us dry and the heat in too.

So tonight we will be wave goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011 with beer, bikinis and a barbecue – NYE small town style.

Happy New Year everyone!